About Us

R-Spec is a long serving Oxfordshire based company offering a vast range of performance tuning parts & remapping software. Prosport Gauges UK since 2007. We opened our doors to the public in 2007 and have been supporting the ever increasing demand for tuning products and ECU software modification ever since. Originally spending considerable time working within the Japanese performance car sector R-Spec Performance then naturally progressed into the supply of performance parts and ECU remapping to cater for most road cars, sports cars, track cars, off road vehicles and vans. We have now been doing this successfully for a number years and look forward to a continued future of new developments and supply in this fast progressing and adrenaline filled industry. We are a genuine UK based company that prides itself on a high level of customer service, massive stocks, comprehensive tuning options, UK warranty & Support and very competitive VAT inclusive pricing.